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12 January 2010 – Snowed In!

Satellite_image_of_snow-covered_Great_Britain_on_7_January_2010Wow, this winter’s been pretty sureal in  terms of how much snow we’ve been getting in Europe.

I arrived at Gatwick airport from Madrid last night, had to wait 5 hours for my flight to take off since the snow had been so bad in Spain, but at least I wasn’t delayed like some other people at the airport who had to have their tickets changed 3 times by Easyjet.

DSC01861Thankfully there’s been a couple of days without snow in England so Gatwick airport was working.

Here is me and on the right a pretty picture of snow-covered britain my brother Miguel told me to check out. Wow, look at the poor sods covered up to their eyeballs.. 🙂




29 November 2009 – New Recipe!

Cooking Recipes » Galaktoboureko (Greek Custard Slice)

I’ve just added a new page on the cooking section.

This is for a greek baklava-like pastry dessert that goes really well with coffee.

Enjoy responsibly, each one has a whole packet of sugar in it!!



Photo-005410 November 2009 – Greece

After Croatia I headed off with Athena to check out some of the mediterranean around Greece. We started off in Thessalonika and made our way to Athens via Meteora. I recommend visiting Meteora and probably heading up the mountains from there. The coast is ok, full of pretty whitewashed houses, however Greece has suffered a lot of tourist development last 15 years so its not as nice as it used to be.

DSC01763Do go into one of the zaharaplastias (pastry shops like the one of the left) and try the delicious sweets available on offer with a strong greek coffee.

Philosophy was invented in greece and the greeks have a habit of eating well and spending lots of time hanging out debating life with family and friends. Although the male-dominated cafenio is the real debating ground. You can also see this going on around you when you walk into one of these places.


14 October 2009 – Island Hopping in Croatia

DSC01707DSC01678And here I am doing what I do best. A spot of backpacking along a not-so-well-known destination.

I have to say I was impressed by Croatia. 15 years after the war which ravaged the area the Croatians have lifted up their country to become probably one of europe’s best kept travel secrets. With thousands of kilometers of mediterranean coastline and bargain prices this is one place to look out for, not to mention the delicious local food and ubiquitous roman ruins you  find scattered around the place.

DSC01729One great way to see this country is by car or scotter since the transport infrastructure is not so developed.





08 September 2009 – Cycling in Switzerland

DSC01540Wow… Its been a while since I wrote anything on my website.. leaving it a bit forgotten I guess.


DSC01555I just came back from a cycling trip to Switzerland. I took my bike on the plane and cycled from Zurich to Basel passing through a small town called Brugg in the middle of the Alps.

Here are a couple of pics I took while I was away.

On the right thre is me cycling down this valley past some apple trees.

On the left is a picture of a market I saw in basel where they where selling all sorts of baked goodies, including pretzels (a national favourite) and all kinds of bread.