And so I made a little hole in the ground and kept digging until I popped out in a place called Boston Common, somewhere in the East Coast of USA.. Apparently, or so I’ve been told, the TV series Ally McBeal supposedly takes place in those buildings behind me on that pic on the right. If so they could have chosen a better place for a law firm, it was about -10 C, which was even colder than Canada, at least I had a warm jacket and my beanie to keep my head warm.

I met my friend Cristina there, or Quiqui – which she doesnt like being called, she was sliding in the snow and looking very funny so I took a picture. Quiqui is my crush from 1st year junior school in Madrid. Back then she was very mean to me (would tear my birthday invitations) but she’s now turned into a very nice and clever girl, she gets paid to make things explode inside a lab in Harvard, where other clever people sit around and do things that are generally pretty boring unless you are also interested in the subject.

I got to have a read of her dissertation and even with my grade 12 chemistry all those NH4 and H2Os didnt seem to make any sense. I had to put it down when my head started to hurt. Designing interactive web services is way more fun.

After visiting Harvard we popped over to MITwhere another altogether different set of people get paid to sit around in a lab and invent computer languages or come up with clever acronyms like W3C or X11. After walking around I got the impression that MIT students are way more freaky than the ones at Harvard, maybe there is something to theselection criteria scoring high points for wardrobe individuality. And of course we got to go to have beers in John Harvards Brewhouse with her friends Sergio and Melanie who came over from the competition in MIT. All in all a brilliant 3 days.

PS. While brushing my teeth one morning I found out Cristina’s secret, she’s been keeping quiet all along, the guy she’s sharing a place with uses Nivea For Men just like the last one we spotted her with. I think we are on to something – there is definately a pattern emerging here.