DSC01178I just came back from spending a week in Tenerife with some friends and family celebrating my birthday among other things.. It was Carnaval when I was there, which is a pretty big celebration where everyone gets dressed up and parties in the streets till really late at night. It was nice of the town to have a party for me, I felt very touched by the gesture 😉


DSC01242Aside from all the partying the Canaries are worth visiting anytime. They are a bunch of volcanic islands just off the coast of Africa, they’re part of Spain and Tenerife is one of the biggest with a volcano called ‘the Teide’ which rises almost 4000m above sea level. The landscape is pretty dramatic as you can probably imagine, and the land is very rich and full of vegetation in the north of the island which gets most of the rain. If you ever come this way give the south of the island a miss, its nowhere near as good as the other side. I spent some time in La Orotava, and Santa Cruz. They are probably the best place to go to.