28 March 2007

I finished work early on Tue and headed toBrighton to catch up with Al, Jules, Karl, Elmy and the whole crowd from Imperial College. I arrived early on the train from London, which only took about 1hr, then walked around thinking ‘damn this town is nice! small and laid back and yet its still got quite a lot of character and a pretty hip crowd and nightlife. Would it be cool to live here and commute to london?’

Anyway. So I headed down to the beach to have a drink and watch the sunset while these guys turned up, then everything happened really fast, everyone arrived in groups and we were heading to the concert hall to watch Faithless. I got an offer to stay overnight in one of the beds because someone hadn’t turned up. And then after a couple drinks the main act started. Wow.

Their music is good but they are much much better on stage. I took a pic of what it was like (right). Then after the concert we headed to a nightclub which was packed until 2 or 3 am… on a tuesday. Morning staggered out of bed to be greeted by the view of the sea and a hazy sky. Breakfast was bacon and eggs on toast with coffee by the pebble beach together with a couple guys. And then it was back to london at midday!