I took a long weekend in July to go and visit Jersey, a small island just off the coast of France that I’ve had my eye on for a while thinking that it might be a bit like Tasmania. I arrived on an easyjet flight and hired a bike and cycled all the way around the island, getting lost in the little country backroads and stumbling upon some gorgeous beaches.

The place itself is lovely, quite laid back and sedate with a very high standard of living and some stunning coastline good for snorkeling and fishing, the only thing missing are the rainforests of tassie and a university where to study and work otherwise this place would have it all.

This is a pic of a stunning sunset looking over Guersey and Sark. I was really lucky with the weather over the weekend as there was no rain and daytime temperatures round about 25 degrees. I even managed to get a bit sunburnt accross my shoulders.