HOLA! This is my crazy bro and me in one of those moments you just dont know what to do.. It took about 15 shots with the mobile to get us to look moderately crazy without getting too scary, a couple of cars honked at us too while we were at it.

Yep, so I’ve been going to Madrid a lot recently, it wasnt planned … more like one day I found I was spending almost as much time over there as in London town. Easyjet have decided to make me “Customer of the Year” on the London-Madrid stretch. They named a plane after me and awarded me an autographed photo of Stelios.

This here on the left is a small town called Bustarviejo up in the mountains near madrid. I went over there last weekend with my little bro to check out some partying they were doing, and as we all know Spanish will come up with any excuse to have fun enjoy themselves. I think they were doing some kind of fire-theatre in the town square, cant remember very well.. the evening was kind of hazy.

And this is the reason why I’ve been going to Spain so much. You see my mums a bit down lately, well she’s been so far down for so long now its gone way beyond depression into something a bit more serious. At least she is smiling a bit on that pic, her kids seem to have that effect on her.