I just re-designed it and created a new version of the system behind it so I can change the content easily whenever I want.

I also have a blog: http://sdesalas.blogspot.com. I’m in the process of moving it so you’ll find at the beginning a lot of the content here is just copied from there anyway.

This is me standing next to Boris’ office (London Town Hall). I came to see him about the appaling situation for londons cyclists, “HI BORIS!.. I loooove your hair! ;)”

In the meantime I’ve been taking to riding around the streets of london wearing my other superhero outfit: FLOUROMAN.

You cant see it in that photo but I have a tight T-shirt with a big “F” plastered in the front of it underneath my flouro cape and I fly around highlighting the streets behind me. If you dont see any more posts in this blog its probably because I plastered myself against the back of routemaster bus and I’m wearing leg and arm casts instead for the next 3 months.