Just got back from a brilliant weekend in San Sebastian, a beautiful little town in the north of Spain. Took 5 days to go and visit this place with some guys I met at work: Theo (second from right) and Karune (far right). We met up with Terry (the guy next to me), another work buddy, who had been taking a couple of weeks of catching some sun, eating beautiful food and going out every night like we were about to.

Once there I spent the first few nights going out in the Parte Vieja (the old town) where you rock up after some sun on the beach and your daily siesta and slowly start the night with either dinner or some pintxos washed down with a bit of tinto or the local sidra (cider). Apart from 3 amazing beaches, San Seabastian can also boast the best night life in the area, with lots of french and spanish people from the area flocking over on summer weekends and partying to open-air concerts.

There seemed to be a lot of Aussies there too who’d just arrived after running the bulls in nearby Pamplona. This weekend was special too. The beginning of Semana Grande (the big week) with lots of fireworks and events put together by the Ayuntamiento. The last couple of days I spent with my auntie Tina in her home up on one of the mountains around SS. The pic on the left is the view from her house. Here are all the photos:http://picasaweb.google.co.uk/sdesalas/SanSebastian2007