Hola boys and girls, I’ve been spending a bit of time in Santiago (de Compostela) in Galicia lately. I kinda liked it after doing the Camino last month so decided to spend more time soaking up the student and backpacker atmosphere in the place.

Its a lovely place full of old buildings. I’ve even been thinking wouldnt it be nice to have a little apartment here to retire for a bit of “Ooohhmmm” in between freelance jobs, so I dipped my feet a bit in the real estate market to see if it made sense to buy and I could afford something small.

This is a shot of my breakfast view in a lovely old walled garden that must be at least a couple centuries old. Thankfully my cafe y tostas were freshly made and very cheap since the restaurants and coffee shops cater to poor pilgrims who arrive desitute at this beautiful destination.