I headed off to trujillo with Athena just before the new year to spend a few days with my brother, mum and and my auntie Carmen. My aunt and cousin Candela live there in an old house in the city walls where I used to stay as a child when we went to visit the grandparents.

Trujillo is an old roman walled city perched on a hill ofgranite in the western part of Extremadura just next to Portugal. It was conquered by the moorish and became a frontier town with the around 1000 years ago so its still got quite a lot of features like a castle and old moorish buildings.

I had a lovely few days, it was a pity that Candela’s daughter Alejandra was away for a few days, last time I came to visit was 4 years ago and she was pregnant then so I still havent met her little girl.

It was very cold those few days, had to rug up real well as you can see in the pic (right) with me standing in the Espolon just outside the city. I wascold during the evenings specially.

Mum and Javi also had a good time. I think she was glad to leave the routine and go and make a trip for a couple of days.

All in all a great time. I just wish I’d stayed longer as this place is pretty magical.